The below photos sum up our vision the best composites and kayaks built by Stan and Jeanine with our name committed to them, not some unknown staff member who does not understand how a kayak should be built or works, the finer touches and where to put that extra little bit of  fibre. Why weight versus strength is so important, those tiny yet important things.

This is why we decided to build our kayaks ourselves  to ensure the quality you deserve,quality we understand, quality only delivered by someone who puts their name behind what they create with the hands and talent God gave them. We don't build cheap kayaks, we build quality kayaks at very affordable prices, we don't mass produce them at all as this would quickly kill the difference we have when compared to others.

Take a close look inside our boats, at the care and straight finish we take with our joints and finishes,at places we have three layer inner seam joints being firstly a 45 degree weave glass fibre cloth to give optimal hull and deck adhesion backed with a second full length glass fibre glass tape and a third glass fibre tape in the cockpit footrest area along with a fourth optional outer seam, its done with pride and thought. 

We use an adhesive to bond inner fittings to the kayak shell before glassing them in to ensure extra strength where needed.

Plus we use long length polystyrene buoyancy for extra floatation and rigidity.

Many of you knew Stan as a paddler from way back then. He has been canoeing since the age of seven and building paddles and boats since the age of twelve. Jeanine,now called the boss taking charge of things changing a basic hobby to a business, plus being the wife, also builds boats and paddles along with the rest of us, she was a rower for many a year but dont hold that against her as she has at last seen the light and now is building the right craft - kayaks.



H2O Sport is the oldest surviving paddle builder in South Africa, from hobby to now a full time operation. 

We are located at 325 Sontnell Street , Henley on Klip, Gauteng, South Africa.

Our factory is on our 4 acre smallholding where the sounds of doves accompany us as we work each day. We are a few hundred meters away from the Klip river which runs through our tranquil little town.

We since our very  first  wing paddle have always used epoxy resin to make wing paddles.

With this web site we hope to keep you informed of any new products we have to offer, as well some links to where you can buy our products from. We have grown from a one man show many years ago to a husband and wife show assisted by a few staff members who assist us in creating our products.

Jeanine is fast becoming a master kayak builder with her hands on, no nonsense approach to building kayaks with both care and style.She builds kayaks herself with no hesitation in getting hands dirty and laminating boats with them.

We have done extensive development of resin infused boats having learnt building composite white water kayaks and now changed to developing resin infused ICF kayaks. 

We have invested in ovens for both our paddles and kayaks to ensure a stable curing environment for our products.


Right:  This is when Stan first fell in love with the sport in 1970.