Life's is too short and not all about paddling or H2O Sport which is how and why this bike was reborn.
Thought I would share on how we rebuilt a 1979/80 BMW R100RS that was destined to the scrap heap. It was in poor shape (stuffed) and had done 359000km in its life, then it was dropped and scrapped which was how I was at that stage.
Some time back a dear friend and mentor bought it for me after I lost interest in most things after I had two strokes in two weeks which I never handled well.
I had decided to clock out, just had to decide if it were to be permanent or to become a car guard in Durban.
His passing words were something like restore it and it will restore you.
Basically this was a life saver to me. My God knows how perfect the timing was, this scares me now.
As my favourite songs says
"What would you think if I sang out of tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me ?
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,
And I'll try not to sing ................."
So here we go, will post a few pics every now and again.
I have just finished this bike and am starting to rebuild a old shape double cab bay window kombi.
But dont be fooled by this page. it has little to do with a old motorbike or a man growing older.
It is about pass good forward if you can, reach out and hold the hand of a person you see hurting.
Because its the right thing to do. 

This was the condition of what we started with, the rest was worse.



Which after some work became this. Part of the engine is in for the fun of it.



Then we repaired the fall damage and quickly sprayed the junk that goes on the frame to make it look like a motorbike. 



Then we put some paint quickly on the tank.



 And some more on some other stuff.



 ......... and some more on some more stuff. the front mud thing also got sprayed...... 

.........then we started to slap it together........and ended up with this.