Welcome to the page, please note we can only show a small snippet of what we do here and how we do it as we have and always will respect our customers need for privacy in the competitive automotive world.

These, opposed to the normal cosmetic stuff you exposed too, are genuine structural parts designed firstly as true working parts , but this does not prevent us making them as stunning as possible.

We create parts from concept to finished product, all structural parts are either vacuum bagged or resin infused dependant of technical stuff.

Also have a separate small machine shop set up to manufacture components to a high standard. 

All use aeronautical  standard epoxy resin and fibres, they all heat cured and post cured as specified by the materials manufacturers.


Fender liners in a composite material, 8 layers of material plus a core all resin infused at around 2000 grams in weight.


A floor pan complying with all safety regulations made from lots and lots of composite materials with a core resin infused under vacuum weighing in at about 3000 grams replacing a 7500 gram metal part. Second photo is opposite side fitted.


Another little part


Making a panel, resin infused for a car floor, far too many people around slapping some peel ply on a product and saying its vacuum bagged or infused.



A cam belt cover in carbon fibre.


A carbon rear wing at under 900 grams, tested at faster than most dare go.........and forces most cars cant handle.