No we don't sell cheap boats, we

sell affordable quality



We dare you to compare our boats, K1 @ R5950 for

standard glass and R7900, (price varies due to exchange rate, but we opt for this method as it gives you the best value on the day of order) for a full hull /deck Kevlar B or V hull and deck.

But we challenge you to compare our finish and

quality, if we lacking in any aspect we urge you to

contact us so we can rectify this.



Glass, poly cloth  in both hull and deck laminated with vinyl-ester resin. We laminate the hulls poly cloth between the two layers of glass unlike some who take a short cut by placing the poly cloth on top of the glass. Which we see as the short cut to delaminating.
Kevlar B hull and deck laminated with vinyl-ester resin. 
Vectran K hull and deck laminated with vinyl-ester resin.  (see why we rate this the material of choice for river boats under technology).
All river boat seams are 1 x 45deg glass cloth, 1 x  tape full length,1 x tape in cockpit area plus a outer seam.
We sand blast all resin / adhesive contact areas on fittings we use in our boats to ensure the best adhesion possible as sand blasting is a far better method compared to grinding due to the micro roughened surface you get.
Soon to be released is a full resin infused soric core flat-water kayak, light weight and stiff.
We design all our kayaks to fit "larger feet", Stan has a 10.5 shoe size and understands why this little feature makes paddling so much more enjoyable.
Yes also affordable !!


Blade 1.

A fast modern European styled K1 both good flat-water and river abilities. It rides slip very well with a fly by wire feel which allows the paddler to rest and relax when needed along with decent foot space. Its one of the easiest fast slim-line K1's to paddle.

This just has to be it,the Blade 1 in action.

Strange fact is the Blade 1 is as good on marathon type flatwater, being a fast stable type kayak with enough footspace for above above average feet sizes. 

 The blade 1 in action on the  Meadow Feeds Lowveld Croc Marathon.


Blade 2.
A fast stable stylish boat based on a Lancer / Sabre type hull which is suited for the intermediate paddler or the pro who wants a fast stable boat for the BIG stuff. Turns well and handles all size water as well as a fool proof flat-water boat. Foot room for larger feet with running shoes. A very good jack of all trades type of boat.
Also a new low seat avalable for a extra bit of "non swim".


 Hi Stan

Photo’s from Drak, Glenhaven & Black Muryra

Blade2 makes any rapid looks easy! Getting great exit speed out of rapid








Daniel Coetzer.

Greetings Stan,

I am enclosing two photos taken of me during the 50 Miler past.

In both these pics you can see why I think your Blade 2 is just a great river boat. After 30 years of paddling I have found a boat which with a low seat gives me the confidence to paddle hard in the rapids as it pops out and I have no stability problems.

I am also attaching a print out of my heart rate and speed during last weekend’s  Drak challenge. Incredible to think that as a GREAT Grand Master I was able to average to average 14 kms per hour for nearly two hours in a medium river.

Of course we won’t talk about day 2 in which my juice siphoned out and I had to paddle nearly 3 hours with no juice and a bent rudder blade that prevented me from even sitting slip on the doubles waves that streamed past.

The quality of your boats are well known and I am amazed at the finish for such a reasonable price.

Thank you for assisting the paddlers as you know times are not easy today.


Daniel Coetzer.





Blade 3.
A large stable boat for the larger paddler or a paddler who wants as very stable kayak to enjoy without the swim or not hassle. Its very well suited to the above average weight / sized used with plenty of volume. It is the standard ICF boat which we were fortunate enough to acquire the mould of from France along with the ICF registration number on the mould. Below is the first one out of the mould.


Blade 4.
A fast slim-line European K1 with a little extra cockpit width when compared to the average slim-line K1.
It is out of the  moulds we acquired from a company in Europe to whom we are contracted to build boats for. Thankfully we are allowed to market and sell them here in RSA.



We pleased to announce our Blade 5 , a fast stable, straight tracking, yet still responsive turning K1, not designed on a computer but rather under the backside of a living kayaker on the water.

Very modern slim looks make it a sexy kayak indeed.



We build a GUPPY to the same exact standards as our full size boats, just because it for a child does not mean we reduce our quality and standards, R4900. If you HONESTLY cant afford the price and still would like your child to paddle give us a call and lets so what we can do as Guppy's are about making a living, but they are also about getting children into a wonderful sport which is as important to us as it is too you, we just ask that our goodwill is not abused.


We  offer a few types of peddles in all our boats including guppies as everyone has a different take on whats best fitted on a flange which is both epoxy glued and glassed in. We tested the new  plastic peddles to see how they hold up and they proved our reservations wrong, so we now use them but offer all types.