No, we don't sell cheap boats, we

sell affordable quality



R7950 for glass lay up.

POA  for composite hull/glass deck.

POA for full composite hull / deck (price varies due to exchange rate, but we opt for this method as it gives you the best value on the day of order)





A very fast yet stable K2 with decent footspace.

Handles above average and is a easy boat to paddle, forgiving and rides slip like a dream.


Edge 2. 

The Edge 2 is now in production, a stable yet fast boat with more than ample volume and foot space, it is a modern looking boat with great predictable handling, it just gets on with the job with no hassles or suprises.



Our Edge 3 with narrowed mid section Accord DNA is under development, watch this space for another great H2O kayak.


Our Edge 4 is a boat faster than the old Foxy designs, runs as near perfect in the water, tracks well yet manages to turn exceptionally well without stalling, added to this is a HUGE plus as it has remarkable secondary stability, so it feels alive and not like paddling a bath tub, yet once you start loosing balance you reach a point where its secondary stability steps in.

At this stage its a medium low-line model, but if there is demand we will do a second hi-line model.