Anyway to the river, heavy rains here in Henley has made us delay posting till 13h00 so we can update when the water gets here from JHB.
1. Repstein bridge water level.
2. Henley weir.
3. Sallogees bridge where boths sides are open.
If you need a urgent last minute driver give us a call, if we can assist we will, if not, well lets see.


Was not able to go to the river to check.

So no update this week.


1. River level


2. Weir showing water level and water level mark from the last flood showing on the name sign.

3. A dangerous hole which you cant see when rivers in flood, bone breaker or worse a child bath plug.

4. Looking downstream from the weir.

5. New log blocking the left channel aproach, at time of photo there was a opening near the bank.

6. As above.

7. The right hand channel with submerged logs showing due to lower level.

8. Sports ground bridge with a left side portage.

9. The ??? left side portage.

2011.The river is at a decent level as below but could go up slightly as last nights rain makes its way past us, Saloogees is the same as before, but we urge everyone to go look first as a mistake there could cost us a day at your funeral. 

2011.02.04 08h30 


The latest river conditions but dont take them as fact as things change quickly:
Photo 1:
Water level which is perfect for a quick trip down the river. Its a good level as you wont bump and bash your way down.
Photo 2.
Saloogees bridge showing the work of the Florida crew who with hard work have got the left channel open.
Photo 3.
Saloogees bridge showing the right hand channel which is also clear.
Photo 4.
Sports ground bridge which is at its most dangerous. You will die a slow death should you land up in this mess as at least 50% of the river is flowing under this huge tree block. If you wash under it you will ruin everyone's week who will have to find your corpse. Melodramatic ? No that is the reality of this obstacle right now. I suggest you take care here.


28.01.2001 08h30 
River is at a fantastic level
Photo 1. Water level at Repsteins Bridge.
Photo 2. The open channel at Saloogees bridge which is river right.
There are no serous reports of dangers etc on the river so have a great safe race.   

 26.01.2011 10h00


It is raining right now in the catchment areas of the Klip River and the river is likely to go up.
1. River level at Repsteins bridge.
2.Weir upstream, watch out with children as quite a few hand rails are missing.
3.Weir downstream.
4.The ground on the far east side of the weir which has washed away quite badly.
5.A hole in the ground Old Age Home side, just after where the gate was to the weir, if the water gets higher you don't notice it, and if you or worse if a child falls in it you will become a bath plug, so take care.
6.Saloogees Bridge which is basically closed on the river left side.
7. Saloogees Bridge showing the right hand side which is open, BUT there is a submerged tree trunk across the right hand channel. At this or higher levels it should not be a problem, when the river goes down it may become a problem.


21.01.2011 08h15


The river dropped yesterday and has gone up a bit, we will check it at 17h00 and tommorrow at 07h30 and update here as it a dark cloudy day and it will rain somwhere in the catchment area, its at 383 cm aand in the it was 4.5m higher.

Look in photo 2 compared to see a river view from Repsteins Bridge.

Jeanine came back from Springs and the streams that side were in flood, that water has yet to arrive.

At this level if you a  novice and have got a driver I still suggest getting in below Saloogees bridge which is just open, but one tree can change every thing, as the mess under it will make a swim above it tragic, plus between the weir and bridge there is nothing worth while.

Broken weir has been marked where to shoot I am told.

Sports ground is a no no no huge mess. Decide where to get out and stick to that.

I would tend to get out on the left as its a faster swim if I should mess up above the bridge.

Remember if you swim above a tree block and cant get out in time, become agressive and dont float into the block, swim at it so you faster than the water so that the milli seconnd your fingers touch start to pull yourself out on top of the tree block. To hell with boats and paddles, we also need to make a living you know, no worry about getting above the tree block instead of under it. That is why I suggest a zip splashy in trees as should you wash under and your splashy gets stuck zipping it down may help plus the zip is weak and should brake giving you a better chance.




A quick report on the Klip river.

It has dropped to a fast safe tripping level.

Frome henley weir there is a tree block.

The Saloogee bridge is still dangerous as it only slightly open on the far right, but a single log could close the gap. Plus if you mess it up as you aproach it and swim , well then ..............

The broken weir has been shot on the far left with no problems.

Sports ground bridge is blocked and a carry around. Try go look at it if you not sure where to get out.

And thats basicly it to caravan park. 

Below are some photos:

1. looking towards the Spar shopping centre at three rivers where the Vaal has pushed back flooding the main road bridge.

2. A now river middle house.



2011.01.06  08H00

Klip river level after the heavy rains where we had about six buckets and a swimming pool full in a hour.

Will post more as the day goes on.

1 + 2. Repsteins bridge.




 2010.12.22  11H00

1. (A + B)

Sports ground bridge tree block.

2.Sports ground bridge wash away.

3.Looking upstream from sports ground, if tripping keep river left and get out before above drop, stay away from the right hand side where the bridge openings were, if you swim on the right side you may become part of the tree block, all based on facts at time of writing, but things can change.

4.Caravan park damage.

Kindly could you email us to let us know  if you find these postings interesting or a waste of time.



2010.12.17 09h00 


1. Repsteins bridge gone under, we measure water heght in our other photos from the hand rail, at 10h30 rail went under the water which makes it 3.5 meter plus higher.

2. Uwe a fellow canoeists house from the road gate.

3. Henley weir with water at walkway.

 2010.12.16 17h30

1.Saloogees bridge, water about 750mm below road. At 19h00 it was level with bottom brace of the road bridge.

2.Photo from Saloogees store with water nearing store.

3.Henley weir with children swimming in a storm water drain with a pipe going to river, aaaar!

4.Repsteins bridge just before it was closed. At 17h30 it was not passable due to river flooding it. Quite a few houses are flooding and a crisis nentre has been set up opposite Barely Food as peak is expected later tonight.


 2010.12.16  12h00

The river up to the road slab of the bridge.

Watched a few logs float down the river and under the bridge.

There was 100mm plus rain in Henley area last night.

The Krugerdorp water should be here by 17h00 today.

River may go up some more.

Sports ground bridge by now should have trees blocking it, have not been to look as its road is aaaaaarh!!

 2010.12.16 07h00

So it rained a bit in Henley last night and the river went up, you cant get under Repsteins bridge and water flow is FAST.
Novices stay at home, for the "those who can" stay at home as the weather right now is miserable and cold to slightly wet, or drop in for some coffee.
Please remember evrything is ok one second, then you make a small mistake and ................ all hits the fan fast.
1. Repsteins bridge.
2. Repsteins bridge same place as photo 2 below.
3. Repsteins bridge same place as photo 2 below showing how far water has come up.
4. Henley weir with quite a few trees washed onto it.



 2010.12.15 15H30

The great flood is not here yet, river is at a just below bank height, fantastic paddling level.
But I suspect the river should go up quite a bit.
Its not for novices but its not at a nasty level, another 50cm will change this for only those who know the river well and who paddle down it instead of float down it.
At 15h30 Saloogees was open on both sides.
At 15h36 trees could have blocked it, drive there and look first.
The photos show places you should know, if you don't then you don't belong on the river at this level.
Watch out for Sports Ground bridge as at this level it catches a lot of trees.
1. Water level at Repsteins.
2. Repstein Bridge
3. Henley weir
4. Saloogees from both sides. Bothleft and right open at time of photo, a minute later it could be closed. 




We will be photographing and posting suggested routes for the rapids found on the Klip.

Above is the water level at 09h00 2010.09.10, medium level, easy paddle. 

2010.09.17 @07h45 the water level is exactly the same as above, but there is a hint of rain. In 2000 at this time the river was in flood lapping at the bottom of this bridge.


The Henley weir on the far left side is extremely dangerous, if you make a mistake you will die a slow death under the causeway, avoid this and rather get out on river right weir bank if you have any doubt of the correct spot to get out on the left hand side.



2010.10.08 09h00.

Level the same as above with it dropping about 5cm by midday due to farmers pumping water onto their lands, yesterdays rain has done squat to the level.



Same old, same old. The river is at a friendly level at the same level as above photo. There has been a bit of rain affecting the level slightly last week but not to the extent that tree block would change drastically. BUT WATCH OUT AT THE WEIR. The weir flow is very different to days past as the river by-pass on the far left bank is totally closed. The weir now operates correctly with a higher water level going over it and the left hand causeway flows very strong, it is deceptive. Treat with care as if you get stuck there and you will die and we will battle to get you out to make compost of you, jokes aside if you not leading the race get out as far away as possible from it. If you fall out near it swim like hell or try standing up as the water should be neck height. Enjoy the race, smile at caravan drop as you may be on candit camera.



 2010.11.05 at 10h00

Yes the river is up  as seen below and I think that there is more on the way as not all the JHB rain is here plus its dark and rainy alround us.




Klip river 2010.11.12 at 11h20


Sports ground bridge 2010.11.12 11h40 


Saloogees bridge 2010.11.12 11h25 



2010.11.19 10h30.

River at 390cm from bridge and will still rise today.

Its at fantastic racing level for the  BASF Watuni Klip as at this level its fast and forgiving.

Its actualy easier to paddle at this level than at lower dry levels.

We will update at 16h00 if the river goes up a lot.