We no longer do these updates as we got banned off the official news page from our canoe union as after a few years of doing this it was suddenly seen as commercial........... best I don't comment as too the true reason.


There is a log blocking the river right channel as you enter MINE RAPID.





The low level bridge below mine rapid, electric fence on left bank has sort of been removed, the mine is worried that there may be sharp objects on top of the broken structure.

To me the river looks totaly open.


Same old story as below and until we have rain nothing much will change.

2011.07.01 12h00 

Same old stuff, nothing except that is warmer has changed, river is rather low but still ok to paddle on.

The mess at Saloogees has moved down to broken weir and is likely to shuffle around so rather be wary than brave.

2011.06.14 09h00 

The blockage at Saloogees is gone after the flash flood on Thursday. Bertie gave me a call and asked where was it? Not sure where the mess went, but you can be sure its further downstream, so watch out.







2011.06.03  09h30 

Same as 2011.05.27 except COLDER.


2011.05.27 11h00

1. River level slightly low this morning.

2. Saloogees is the same as in the previous photo with both channels open. With the left being the safer option. 

2011.05.20 10h00 


Thanks to Bertie and Jennie WE STAND CORRECTED as to date since I first moved here 15 years ago the locals have always refered to MINE RAPID as the first rapid you got going upstream from Henley as it blocked the river barges and boats going further up the river, you could go as far as "the mine rapid" which now is no longer a rapid nor is it called mine rapid by others.

At one stage it was deadly dangerous where we rescued a canoeist from sure drowning being pinned underwater in a K2 during one of the races.

It was pointed out that the rapid we called Daleside or Johnies along with a few other names is the rapid that they refer to as mine rapid.

Which explains why I could not understand all the fuss about a rapid which has been washed away.

In future we shall use the name they use.

As for the upcoming race the river is basicly the same as last week Friday which was slightly lower than last weeks race.

Not sure where the portage is at Henley weir but be careful of the causeway as its dangerous due to the strong current going under it.

Besides for the ice this morning Salloogess is open on both sides.

As for the rest not sure as have not had time to look.



 2011.05.13 09h50

1. The water level is at 410cm which is still a good race level.

2. Photo of Saloogees which was cleared by the Bertie crowd making the left and right sides shootable. I think the left may be the better choice but as I write this the openings may block up so suggest a quick look before taking on this section.

Seconds must take care as on last Sunday I saw a second nearly fall into the river from the top of the bridge after leaning back BUT there was no hand rail and,,,,,,,,,,, well ................WHEW !

2. Photos of sports ground bridge which is a no no as well as the river above it so you can look for your get out. cant even suggest where to get out.

3. Now some photos of why the area near sportsground is filthy, despite Midvaal having numerous dump grounds open 24/7 there is always a filthy person who is too lazy to use the facilities. He will be prosecuted by Midvaal for this.  

2011.05.06 09H00

1.The water level is at (sorry no photo) 400cm which is a nice fast flowing smooooooooth ride.

2.Sallogees is sort of open on the right hand side, NOTE that this can change as I write this, please go look as you dont want to mess it up here. Same as in the last photo.

3. Two photos for the novices race for those worrying about the broken bridge at the mine,a while back there used to be a nasty rapid / tree mess  but now there is nothing left to worry about as its all been washed away.

2011.04.15  08h30

As sent to GPK this morning for your info.

1. Level at Repsteins bridge, suspect it may go up as JHB rain is yet to get here.

2.Henley weir, same old same old story ........

3. Saloogees Bridge, contrary to advice given by some the left channel is BLOCKED or else we photo edit our photos. The right channel is just open at ti,me of photo, it can and will at some stage block.

4. Sports ground bridge, blocked blocked and blocked. But I saw a possible portage for those who know what they doing on the Left, looks like some one has placed branches etc there. But for the rest get out way before this on river right and take a longer safe walk.



2011.04.09  17h30   WARNING

Saloogees bridge left channel is totally blocked and the right channel at this level has the tree stump at water level so there was only a small gap far river right next to the bank,look out as there are a few branches sticking out in the way. Rather play it safe and get in below Saloogees if you have the slightest doubt of getting through that small gap. This gap will block up at some stage


20111.03.01 09H00

1. Klip river level.

2.Saloogees bridge clear both sides but river left slightly tricky.

3.Sports ground bridge deadly, get out long before as a swim will be deadly.

2011.03.25  08H00 

As I still think a picture paints a thousand words plus the fact literature was not my favorite subject here are this weeks photos, use them, loose them, just don't drown.

1.Water level at Repsteins bridge.

2.Water level and flood damage at Henley weir.

3. Sports ground bridge from up-stream and down stream showing carnage from both the huge floods and last weeks rains.


 2011.03.22  16h30

The latest photos of sports ground bridge on the Klip river which has washed away nearly causing a tragedy with a experienced canoeist who came unstuck in this mess.


2011.11.25 09h00 


River is at last up from a dusty level for the last few months.

This is a perfect race level for the TWO DAY KLIP which should see the river hold decent water the whole weekend as the farmers due to the past rains wont be pumping the river dry.