Some of the photos are mine, you welcome to use them positively, some are not mine being taken from the internet where they were placed in public domain for publicity, which this is, besides the actual "model" was created with my hands, and later 9/10th of my hands after I foolishly lost a finger in a oooops.

If any one objects to the photos I will gladly remove them.

But I hope all will enjoy my path to Dakar which Hallspeed and Toyota were so kind to allow me travel on.

A road paved with long hours, 7 day work weeks and some sweat plus a bit of blood, truly wish we could show the technical details of how we made this from a sketch to a idea to what we see here, but this would be a total betrayal of trust, and besides  if it were so easy, the girl guides would do it.

2015 Toyota Hilux Bakkie 

The old "office". Fairly cluttered up. 

2016 Toyota Hilux Bakkie 

The race, Dakar 2016 

The rules.............


The new office with quite a bit more room. 

Grill prototype..........

First grill from the mould, small issue which were resolved with the next one at 800 grams. 

Front door complete at about 4000 grams....... 

Well we have never yet shown details of these composite parts as we respect our clients privacy, but someone posted this on internet so we now sharing it, we make from the snorkel on the roof all the way to start of injector manifold in high heat composites, note that the air filter right front is not for the engine.

2016  Videos

Pre race 


Giniel starting      

2015 Videos.......